Best High Holyday Services!

Putting the HIGH! back in the HIGH HOLYDAYS!



Advance reservations are not required for admission. However, following the participatory model, admission is by donation only. In this way we hope to ensure 100% participation and support that will enable these services to continue. While there is no set fee, we encourage you to be as generous as possible, so that we are able to meet our services budget and runs into thousands and thousands of dollars. Our future continuity depends on you. Please consult below the range of donations as a guide for your giving.  

We ask that you follow the requirements for entrance for your contribution and security. Everyone who attends these Services must register and donate. To donate, make your check payable to American Jewish Heritage organization or Kehilat Mizrach (the official name of East Side synagogue). This check should accompany your registration.  

To register, please bring with you a sheet of paper with the following information. Please type or print clearly. The sheet should include your name, address, city, state, ZIP code, day and evening telephone number, and your email address (please print your email address very clearly), your profession or occupation and your business name, address and phone number. The registration sheet and donation is good for you and one other adult who is a spouse or partner and who lives in your home. It is also good for children under 18.  

We strongly encourage you to bring this and your donation with you pre-prepared so as to facilitate a smooth and swift entrance.  

If other adults come with you, they must donate and register separately. If you don't bring this information with you clearly printed and your donation, you will have to go to the registration table where there will be someone to help you with the registration and donation. Either way, once your registration and donation is complete, you will be given an admission ticket that allows you to enter the service.  

If you choose to mail your registration and donation, it must be received at our mailing address no later than September 12th, 2017 to allow time for processing and placing your name on an entrance list. Because of the uncertainty of mail delivery, we suggest your bring the registration and donation with you pre-prepared on the day of the event to speed your entrance. Should you have adequate time, our mailing address is: American Jewish Heritage Organization, 2440 Broadway, #105, New York, New York, 10024. Do not send or leave it at All Souls on Lexington Avenue since it’s likely to get misplaced.

Giving Guide

If you are new to giving, we ask you to be as generous as possible. This will avoid us setting a minimum entrance fee in the future. If you have given in the past, we ask you to increase your gift dramatically. We ask that the amount you select be per person (for example: a couple selecting the $250 category, please send $500). Your gifts are tax deductible. Please select one of these giving levels and consider an additional gift after the Holidays to become a sustaining partner in our efforts: $10,000 / $5,000 / $2,500 / $1,800 / $ $1,000 / %500 / $365 / $250 / Other.


We ask that you dress appropriately in order to maintain the dignity of these services. Gentlemen, ties and jacket; Ladies, skirt or dressy pant suit. Please do not attend in jeans or inappropriate clothing.


We encourage you to bring a talit (prayer shawl) with you. This is not a requirement, but something you can do. In our congregation men and women wear a talit (though again, this is optional for either gender). You can obtain a wide variety in different styles, sizes and colors at West Side Judaica (ask for Shloimy) on Broadway between 88th and 89th Streets in Manhattan, 212-362-7846.


Due to security considerations, we ask that you do not bring backpacks, bags or briefcases with you.


We do not have childcare and do not, as yet, have children's services. Hence, if you have a child above six or seven that can sit quietly they may attend. However, children who cry out or can't sit still (and Mom and Dad have trouble with them in this setting) are disruptive to the worshippers and to our concentration. We must request that you respect the dignity of the occasion and not bring children under six or seven with you. We are not looking to be mean or unfriendly and we love kids, but in the past, this has proven to be very disturbing and we ask you to abide by this.