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Putting the HIGH! back in the HIGH HOLYDAYS!


A Blessing!

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are one of the most moving and spiritually uplifting times of the entire year. The purpose of these days, among many other things, is to ascend the ladder to reach the Heavens, to fix our lives, to fix the world, to realign our souls. We look forward to sharing these awesome, joyous days with you. We look forward to making the journey together to wholeness and rebirth and renewal. These days are more than just holidays--they are holydays, days that impact on the deepest parts of our lives. May God, the Holy One of Being and Blessing, be an active presence in your life in the forthcoming year and we pray that it will be for you and yours and all, a year of health, happiness, prosperity and meaning!