In person High Holyday Services 2021 are cancelled.

Due to the highly contagious Delta variant our services will be broadcast on line. To access the services go to and register with your name address day and evening phone number, your occupation or profession and your email. Please do so as soon as you can to allow time to send you the information . And please generously support these services. See you in person next year, God willing!

Shana Tova-A happy healthy new year!

1157 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10075
Putting the HIGH! back in the HIGH HOLYDAYS!
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COVID-19 Protocols

The wide distribution of vaccines and high vaccination rates in New York has made us more hopeful concerning the duration of the pandemic. However, at the point of this writing, there are certain Covid protocols for the services upon which we must insist.
Please bear in mind that since the pandemic is evolving, so too are the protocols, since they too evolve in relation to whatever might be the current situation, we reserve the right to revise them. At this point in time we are following these protocols:
In order to ensure your safety, we will be requiring that everyone who attends the services must have been fully vaccinated (and depending on your vaccine that might mean two doses with two weeks afterwards.)
In order to enter the service, you will have to bring with you proof of vaccination cards and a photo ID. There will be no exceptions to this requirement.
All participants will be required to wear masks covering nose and mouth. Please no breathing valve masks. We recommend you use surgical three-ply masks, KN95 or N95 are the best. We ask for your full cooperation.
Children under 12 who attend and are not vaccinated must wear masks at all times and will be seated in a separate area with their parents. In addition, they must have proof of the results of a negative PCR test within 72 hours upon entry.
We also ask that if you are not feeling well or have any symptoms associated with Covid-19 or have reason to believe that you are at risk of recent exposure to Covid-19, that you please refrain from attending the service.
We have followed these protocols in order to keep our congregation healthy and safe. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 212-606-4066 or at

New Location

Once again we are blessed that the services will be held at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church at corner of 73rd Street and Madison Avenue in Manhattan. This is a beautiful and awe-inspiring space that will deepen our High Holyday experience.


For the past 38 years, we have been presenting High Holyday services open to the New York Jewish community, to introduce our synagogue for the unaffiliated and disconnected. We are the most celebrated High Holyday services in New York and people talk about their experience with us for months afterward. We invented the concept of “open door" services. Our rabbis are dynamic and relevant, presenting compelling and moving services that connect to your life. Thousands of people have attended our services and have been transformed; their Judaism renewed and revitalized.

Who Comes?

Our services are open to young professionals, singles (20s, 30s, 40s and above), empty-nesters, young families/couples, intermarried, the interfaith dating, beginners, people interested in Judaism, seniors, students, Russian Jews, or anyone else—everyone is invited! We especially welcome veteran worshipers who found past High Holyday experiences bland, boring, or lacking in meaning, and are looking for a fresh, new, and exciting way to experience Judaism!

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We are putting the HIGH back in High Holydays!

We welcome Jews of Reform, Conservative, and unaffiliated backgrounds. We are trans-denominational within the context of liberal Jewish religious denominations seeking to create a spiritually meaningful and vibrant connection. Our rabbis have been trained and studied in all the Jewish religious denominations. Our services present a creative, contemporary, and spiritual Judaism that is rooted in the past, living in the present, and open to the future.
  • Innovative & Comfortable Services
  • Exuberant Dancing
  • Joyous & moving Music
  • Open Door Policy

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A Blessing!

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are one of the most moving and spiritually uplifting times of the entire year.
The purpose of these days, among many other things, is to ascend the ladder to reach the Heavens, to fix our lives, to fix the world, to realign our souls. We look forward to sharing these awesome, joyous days with you. We look forward to making the journey together to wholeness and rebirth and renewal. These days are more than just holidays--they are holydays, days that impact on the deepest parts of our lives. May God, the Holy One of Being and Blessing, be an active presence in your life in the forthcoming year and we pray that it will be for you and yours and all, a year of health, happiness, prosperity, and meaning!
We have been serving Jews from

Reform, Conservative, and Unaffiliated backgrounds for 35 years.


:quot:...I came from a no-background Jewish background. At most, it meant to me lox and bagels. But I see what I have missed all these years...:quot:

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